Hello Wine!


Whether it is viewed as an ancient pagan feast or gaudy American import, I’m sure I’m not alone in finding Halloween a deeply embarassing festival. Despite having two children who inisist I construct elaborate Minecraft-themed costumes and working in an industry where I have to grudgingly serve the occasional party goer, I usually manage to avoid the worst of the late October nonsense.

However, this year I feel we should have a wee Halloween bash, primarily because Heather is going to spend the the next week in Romania on a wee buying trip. Which means that she’ll be able to tell us all about the differences between Fetească Albă and Tămâioasă Românească . At the moment we only have half a dozen different Romanian wines, but they are among our best sellers and uniformally brilliant. We’ve got a bunch more arriving in the next few days and I have no idea what Heather will manage to bring back with her, but you can be sure we will have enough of a range to host a bloody good dinner.

So join us at the Walnut on the last Sunday of October for an evening of SpoOOOoky wine, excellent food and moderately informed chat.

Tickets are £35, which gets you two courses, seven wines and some cheese.

Either pop into the shop, or click HERE to purchase yours.