When I started in the booze trade back in the mid-nineties, there was a truism that said that there were “Wine Nations & Beer Nations; but there was nowhere that managed to master both”


Utter bollocks, even back then and If there is one shining example of just how wrong it is, surely it’s Germany.

German booze might lack the variety of it’s neighbours, but the things Germany produces are honed to absolute perfection. Indisputably the finest Riesling in the world all comes from Germany, some of it sweet- yes, but a lot of the younger outfits are producing, poised, mineral, zesty whites as dry as a chablis.

Fancy, (maybe overpriced?) tinned, experimental beers have largely passed Germany by, instead German brewers continue to focus on producing the BEST DAMN BEER IN THE WORLD (don’t @me)

So come join us in The Walnut at the end of September for an evening of all things Germanic: Yes, there will be Riesling, but also Laaager, Spatburgunder, Rauchbier, Dopplebock and some stuff we haven’t finalised yet.

Tickets cost £35 for two courses & cheese alongside four wines and three beers.

And are available in the shop or this button HERE