Flowing Bubbles

imagesFor our Spring tasting dinner, we’ve decided to pop a few corks, get busy with the fizzy and treat ourselves (and you) to an explosion of bubbles.

We’ll shy away from the well trodden path of champagne (for budgetary reasons) and Prosecco (because there’s little to be said) Instead, we’ll offer you seven very different sparkling wines from around the world: Wines that the three of us think hit the sweet spot of being bloody delicous, yet affordable as a weekly (or monthly) treat

Learn about sparkling wine production (drink fizz. eat food)

Explore the differences in the Charmat process and Champagne method (drink fizz, eat food)

Learn how to pronounce Xarel Lo (drink fizz, eat food)

Things kick of at 7.30pm on Sunday 22nd April.

Tickets cost the usual £35 and are available HERE

For that, you get seven glasses of wine + two courses and cheese from the reliably awesome Walnut