Okay, I’m having trouble writing this and I think you guys might have trouble reading it, but have you seen the evil shit that has been going down over in the States?

Godwin’s law has been well and truly shafted and “The West” is currently being led by a corrupt, senile, fascist, paedophile* who makes Mussolini look like Gladstone. The most remarkable thing about the current inhabitant of the White House is his ability to find ever lower depths to sink to.

In early July it became apparent that the White House was not only separating children from their parents (at the Southern border, natch) but it was also systematically destroying their papers and selling “orphans” through profit driven Christian evangelical agencies run by relatives of the administration.

If this isn’t your line in the sand, then I really don’t know what to say to you. Every human impulse is to reach out and try to alleviate some of the suffering caused by this confederacy of twunts. If (like myself) you want to help, but can only face doing the bare minimum, how about cracking open a bottle of our latest beer?

The Childcatcher was brewed for us by our friends at Campervan Brewing in Leith and Fallen Brewing in Stirling.

It’s bloody good beer (we would say that) the tins are full of a robust, malty, nutty foamy sweet golden ale and the bottles contain a light, sessionable IPA

All profits on the sale of these beers go to @RAICESTEXAS . I was tempted to donate the money to UK based charities, (after all we’re guilty of similar crimes, if not on the same scale)

But after a few moments thinking about it I thought it best to throw the cash towards the people who are dealing with these crimes over the pond. @RAICESTEXAS are currently arranging legal representation for the children and toddlers (!) currently being dragged before immigration courts.

We’ve had a bit of a break from doing these fundraising beers, partly because the way things are headed it sometime feels like arseing around with novelty beers seems somewhat pathetic given what we’re up against. But, hiding your head in your hands is exactly how this sort of evil manages to establish itself as the new norm. I can’t claim any credit for the resulting beer, because I was messing around in Denmark when it was all coming together, so can I take this opportunity to thank my colleague Heather for sorting it all out, Stan at Stink Designs for providing a label and the guys at Fallen and Campervan for brewing some awesome beer.

The beer is being launched on the 12th July to coincide with his latest visit to Scotland. It costs £3/33cl and is available through The Beer Hive in Cannonmills, Beer Zoo in Portobello and Cornelius on Easter Road.