Rhone Goals


2015-03-04 16.14.06

I appreciate this is very short notice, but it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these.

We’re heading back to The Walnut on Monday 29th May

Big Mike Stewart from Liberty wines will be hosting again, this time giving us a run through of the wines of the Rhone valley. I’ve been unlucky enough to visit the region twice with Mike and can attest that he really knows his shizzle and has a big portfolio of wine from the region to draw from.


If that wasn’t exciting enough, Ben from The Walnut, has been looking for an excuse to try out some new French recipes

The shindig will kick off at 7.30pm
Tickets are £35 and are available HERE
For that you get:
Two Courses & Cheese + Seven Wines + Expert Chat + Filthy Jokes + A Hangover.