Christmas Piss-Up



It’s that time of year again: We need to push a load of new wines. You need to sample a load of new wines. There’s a big end of year festival round the corner. What more excuse do you need for a party?
Because it worked so well last year (and because I’m lazy) we’re going to stick to the same formula and venue.
Buckets of high end booze and a mountain of delicious Greek food. With special guests who will do all the chat because I’ll have a face full of octopus and muscadet.

The shindig will kick off at 7pm on Sunday 27th November
Tickets are £35 and are available HERE
For that you get:
More tasty grub than you can sensibly manage (a big, mixed mezedes-style banquet)
Loads of really good wine (Freya from Alliance Wines is going to be bring some great stuff)
Loads of really good beer (Courtesy of Big Joe Dick- beer importer/bon vivant/giant of the Edinburgh beer scene)
A Hangover.