Bread and Better

2017-07-21 12.26.40Well, this is going to be tricky:
I’m sitting in my office on a warm spring day, knocking back a beer (for qc reasons obviously). I’m going to try to sell you the beer, because I think it’s really bloody good. The only problem being, all the similes and descriptors I have scrawled in front of me make the beer sound bogging.
It pours flat, soupy and with the clarity of bilgewater. After a while the haze clears and leaves a liquid which looks like the jug of grapefruit juice you get at the buffet breakfast in a cheap B&B.
Grapefruit is also the dominant aroma, but again, not fresh, ripe pink grapefruit, but skanky ass, mouldy grapefruit.

I also caught a fair whiff of tomato leaf, and dettol. Yum.
The palate is full bodied and complex, with the tart acidity of a really aggressive scrumpy, soor plums, loads of “breadiness” and I kid you not, a fair whack of sauerkraut.
Somehow, this horrible sounding gloop makes for a really quite delicious beer. Not only that, but it’s clean, sessionable and at a healthy to glug 2.4% abv.
It’s so neckable that I’ve drunk two bottles whilst writing this and I’m just starting my third.
It may look like it was homebrewed by an inmate in a particularly rough prison, but it’s actually a collaboration between Aberdeen’s 6ºNorth brewery and Leith’s very own Twelve Triangles bakery.
The unconventional appearance and flavours are down to it being a completely unhopped beer. Instead it gets it’s character from a sourdough starter yeast- all those funky, sour, flavours are derived from that yeast. They also threw a wholemeal loaf in the fermenter just for the hell of it (I’m going to assume that’s what gives the beer it’s texture- after all you would expect a low abv, sour beer to be a darn sight thinner)
Although I’m a big fan of this beer, I’m not daft enough to think it’ll be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is keenly priced for an experimental sour (well under three quid) and it might just be worth a punt if you’re in the mood for something a wee bit funky.
Try blending with tinned Schofferhofer. A customer recommended it to me a while back and makes a truly wonderful grapefruit shandy thing.