Bitter Living Through Chemistry

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Just a small post to say we now stock a range of cocktail bitters. These small bottles pack a powerful punch, and add an extra dimension to you cocktail cabinet. Just a few drops are enough to transform your cocktails from mundane to fundane.

You’re probably familiar with Angostura bitters from Trinidad & Tobago. The famous clove-like herb infusion adds a woody complexity to Manhattans, champagne cocktails and the humble ‘long vodka’. Other may be less familiar however.

Peychaud’s is a gentian based concoction made in Louisiana that’s similar to Angostura but lighter, sweeter and more floral. It’s an essential ingredient in a Sazerac cocktail.

Regan’s Orange Bitters No. 6 are a modern interpretation of what used to be a fairly common cocktail ingredient. Made from Seville oranges and other botanics, great with Lillet it also adds deep orange notes to a Martini. Fee brothers grapefruit and rhubarb bitters also work well in classic Martini cocktails.

From The Bitter Truth Company we’ve got celery bitters which are at their best added to the inevitable morning after Bloody Mary.

Prices start at £11 and the small bottles will probably last you a life time