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  Okay, I’m having trouble writing this and I think you guys might have trouble reading it, but have you seen the evil shit that has been going down over in the States? Godwin’s law has been well and truly shafted and “The West” is currently being led by a corrupt, senile, fascist, paedophile* who […]

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  If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve drunk a fair bit of Malbec. The big, brambly, spice-bomb grape has cultivated quite a following over the last few years and with good reason: Boozy, indulgent, packed with character, but not too tannic, for many people it has become a “default” wine; The easy […]

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Edinburgh Beer Week.

 Chances are, you’re well aware of Edinburgh Beer Week. There are loads of events and tastings going on in town throughout the last week of May and of course, we’ll be getting in on the action. We are delighted to be hosting the guys from the Two Roads brewery. Join us from 5pm on Thursday 24th […]

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Back in the closing weeks of 2017, at the instigation of Heather, we started collecting donations for the local food bank. To say we were inundated with donations would be putting it mildly: the generosity of our regulars was gobsmacking. We managed to fill several carloads (probably totalling at least two pallets worth) of food […]

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Pelicon + Tilmans tasting

Join us in the shop on Friday the 27th of November when the guys from Tilmans Bier and Pivovarna Pelicon will be on hand to hand out samples and chat about their beers. Tilmans are a modern German brewery based in Munich making updated classic Bavarian styles with a modern twist (hops!). Likewise, Pelicon are a […]

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Mikkeller Polly 1 & Stella 6 in Magnum

Stella and Polly are sisters. They’re both sour/wild ales. Polly (8.3% vol.) is brewed with white grapes and aged in white wine barrels, Stella (8.8% vol.), red grapes, red wine barrels. Supply is limited to 600 Polly-1 and just 564 Stella-6 worldwide. Luckily, they’re HUGE 1500ml bottles. We’ve got a small allocation which could be yours for just £60 for […]

Leith’s What You Make It

 After over a decade of sating the thirst of Easter Road, we thought that it was high time that we at Cornelius got ourselves a house beer. We’ve fannied around with various exclusive beers before, but they were always limited, small-batch releases: this time, we wanted to go large and launch something that will (hopefully) […]

Bitter Living Through Chemistry

Just a small post to say we now stock a range of cocktail bitters. These small bottles pack a powerful punch, and add an extra dimension to you cocktail cabinet. Just a few drops are enough to transform your cocktails from mundane to fundane. You’re probably familiar with Angostura bitters from Trinidad & Tobago. The […]

Orval: Age matters

For the uninitiated, Orval is a Belgian beer made by the Trappist Cistercian monks of Orval Abbey in Gaume, Southern Belgium. It’s a unique beer, a stone-cold classic that has remained unchanged in looks and taste since its creation in the 1930’s. It’s not easily classifiable, being more akin to a traditional British IPA than […]

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