If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve drunk a fair bit of Malbec.

The big, brambly, spice-bomb grape has cultivated quite a following over the last few years and with good reason: Boozy, indulgent, packed with character, but not too tannic, for many people it has become a “default” wine; The easy choice, when you’re shopping on a budget and you need to make an impression.

It’s popularity has totally overshadowed the rest of Argentina’s output, which is bit of a shame becuase it’s a BIG country, with some pretty awesome (and varied) wines.

Why not spend a boozy summer evening with us at The Walnut and taste a bunch of the very best Argentina has to offer?

We’ve got a bunch of goodies lined up from Domaine Bousquet Argentina’s top organic winery.

Crunchy Bordeaux blends (and Malbec)

Delicate Provencal rose (and Malbec)

Old-school, oaky Chardonnay (and Malbec)

Pungent, burgundy-style Pinot (and Malbec)

Boozy fortifieds (and Malbec)

Tickets cost £35 and for that you get seven wines, two courses and cheese.

Tickets are available HERE or in the shop

Things kick of at 7.30pm on Sunday 5th August

(maybe you can catch some Fringe nonsense afterwards)