Are You feeling Lucky?

 It’s pretty cold out there, isn’t it? Dreich and nasty.

Well if you need cheering up, would you take a look at this case of beer? I bet you would like to have a few of these beauties waiting for you at home.

To raise a bit of cash for the local foodbank we are going to raffle off this case of highly desirable beverages (mostly collectable BD & MK stuff)

Tickets cost a quid and we will announce the winner on Hogmany

This was made possible by a very generous donation from one of our regulars, if you have similar stuff that you want to contribute to add to the stash (maybe you are a brewer, or a brewery rep) that would be awesome.




Thanks to two more insanely generous donations we also have this amazing set of Burning Sky Four Friends to give away (also a cheeky wee Fou Foune) Again, we will raffle this off- so there will be two draws on Hogmany (about teatime) and your ticket will give you two chances to win.



Thanks to another two insanely generous donations we have another box of assorted bits and pieces. (not sure about that bottle of Absolut Cardamom, but that Northern Monk 5X looks bangin’)

So that makes three draws on Hogmany. Bon chance, mon amis!